Vaccines and Mandates

Perhaps no issue in the past decade has been more divisive than issues of vaccines and masking, as it relates to the coronavirus.

We have all seen how families and friends have been separated.

We have seen churches split, we have seen the chaos in the workplace,  we have seen chaos at town hall meetings; to say that our patterns of life have been  altered is an understatement.

All of us want to see the effects of the coronavirus, and subsequent variants, go away or be greatly reduced. It is the means and lengths to which governments will go to inflict measures upon autonomous human beings that is a concern to me.

On this issue I am opposed to governments mandating vaccinations, and I feel the same way about mask mandates. I stand on the side of freedom. 

If you prefer to wear a mask because you feel safer and/or feel it protects others,  then feel free to wear that mask.  If you don’t feel that way,  don’t wear the mask. The same principle applies to vaccines. Nobody should be ostracized for exercising their freedom of choice.

I have heard propaganda on all sides of the issue, and have seen data regarding vaccine development that should raise alarms.  I have seen people who receive all of the vaccines recommended by the CDC still get the coronavirus afterwards- the effectiveness in my opinion still has not been proven.